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Our mission is to empower businesses across all sectors throughout Malaysia & Singapore face market challenges, unlock their potential, drive functional and financial efficiency all with advanced, scalable and intelligent ERP system – all within their budget.
Achieving implementation and growth success for 100+ businesses across Singapore and Malaysia, we have been awarded GOLD partner status – Helping large enterprises and SME’s achieve their digital transformation goals.

Comprehensive Business Consulting

We bring to you a world full of service solutions, no matter what industry you are in, what scale and length you run your business in – We render the digital transformation that drives you forward seamless and within your budget.

Solutions built and run entirely in the cloud, we help streamline the entire process and system with best-in-class ERP system.


Automated CRM process that help you manage leads, enhance customer interaction, & optimize the entire customer lifecycle.

HR & Payroll

Innovative solution that delivers on each and every aspect of payroll management, to boost automated productivity.

Inventory & WMS

Enhanced warehouse management capabilities leveraging the power of technology, with efficient inventory tracking

AP & AR Automation

Move away from the tiring manual process, with an ERP solution that keeps control of the entire AP & AR process.


Take full control of the entire manufacturing process, managing each vertical with automated, intelligent ERP system in place.

Construction & Projects

Take control of the entire process real-time, managing each and every aspect with full visibility and effectiveness.

Field Service Management

Orchestrate and take control of finance, technicians, service, Equipments (Assets) and customer satisfaction

Property Management

All-in-one ERP solution that handles all the verticals including financial, bookings, listings, & sales, in a streamlined process.


Evaluate your data real-time, with drag and drop support system to process through all the input functionalities.


Manage biddings, vendor, budget, tracking, financial status to take control of all the procurement process within.

Equipment & Asset Management

What assets are sold, what needs replacement; asset management helps you do all that seamlessly.

Acumatica ERP

Higher Productivity – Deeper Insights – Access From Anywhere

Netsense blends the power of cloud, cohesive and scalable technology to bring a power-packed ERP solution that drives operational and financial efficiency for your business – irrespective of your industry, size and operational method. Streamline critical business process, scale rapidly, mitigate risks, automate entire process, all with the advanced Acumatica ERP system – your one-in-all ERP solution. It is built for all types of businesses – small, midsize, and large – enhancing you the way you functions. Get an industry specific functionality to meet your business needs.

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