Acumatica released 2020 R1 in late March, revealed a multitude of new product features such as improvement in the usability, introduce power-packed new modules, best-in-class functionality, cross-connected processes, and codeless customisation. “2020 R1 is a significant product release,” said Jon Roskill, CEO, Acumatica. “We have to pause sometimes and marvel at the pace of innovation consistently delivered by our product team. Acumatica customers and partners keep clamouring for more and they get it, twice a year, with real quality.”

Acumatica 2020 R1 put some light on the fact that the company is highly dedicated to developing new technologies into Acumatica product while focusing on superior user experience. The version is built on a future-centric platform with an open architecture for fast integrations, scalability, and ease of use, delivering unmatched value to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Exciting New Features in Acumatica 2020 R1

1. All-New Experience with Superior Usability
Uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to streamline user experience:

  • Utilise mobile camera to make expense receipts quickly
  • Give access to data entry screens fast with a quick add button

New mobile capabilities:

  • Record travel and break time while on service calls
  • Enables to attach images directly to data records

Ease of Reporting:

  • Enhance performance with dashboard caching settings
  • Give pivot table percentages calculations and individual counts

2. Eradicate Business Silos with Brand-New Native Modules
The company understands the real complications of running a business on dissimilar systems. This is why, the experts strive to deliver robust, new native modules in 2020 R1 to allow running the whole business on one system.

Take over markets with Omnichannel Commerce:

  • Ecommerce powered business management through BigCommerce integration
  • Allows users to automate B2B and B2C with omnichannel sales and implementation with unified back-end accounting

Reduce overhead expenses and keep employees satisfied with in-house payroll:

  • Decrease overhead expenses with Acumatica Payroll

3. Faster Growth with Best-in-Class Functionality
In 2020 R1, you will discover new features and enhancements in all industry editions. Acumatica ERP is designed for mid-market business expansion and offers best-in-class functionality by integrating core functions into a single business-wide software suite.

Key Features for Distribution Companies
Increase sales and speed warehouse operations:

  • Matrix inventory generates, tracks, and handle related products quickly.
  • WMS involve wave and batch picking for faster implementation

Key Features for Manufacturing Companies
Enhance manufacturing operations:

  • Monitor production and costs with native shop floor data collection
  • Advanced planning features capable-to-promise and what-if situations

Key Features for Construction Companies
Handle more construction projects with enhanced project management tools:

  • Streamlined project balance reconciliation
  • Monitor project development with enhanced daily field reports including weather and photo logs
  • Manage payments and retainage by lines in AR

Key Features for International Companies

  • International depreciation improvements support worldwide expansion

4. Tailored to your Business without Writing Code
Use online tools to create reports, alter workflows, add user-defined fields, and more without writing any code.

Features include:

  • Fast and easy data imports
  • Modify tab orders and visibility
  • Dynamically present field valid values
  • Automate business workflows with a powerful, new workflow engine for CRM
  • Add side panels to data screens to speed data entry

5. Boost Businesses with Cross-Connected Workflows
With the Acumatica cloud-based ERP solution, you can build end-to-end workflows, enhance productivity, and eventually strengthen your business.

Features include:

  • Enhanced lead qualification and contact management links sales with production
  • Improved project billing based on field service activities

How We Can Help?
Following the recent announcements and capabilities of 2020 R1, at Netsense, we strive to explore emerging technologies and put all-in-one Acumatica ERP system to the front that ensures to drive operational efficiency and automation in your organisation. We assure you that our enterprise management solution will definitely transform the way you operate and help you thrive in a new digital world.

If you’d like to discover Acumatica ERP capabilities on your own, schedule a demonstration with us today and make a smart decision to accomplish ultimate success. Don’t hesitate to contact us.