Acumatica ERP Addon

Equipment Maintenance

To maximize asset performance, Netsense equipment maintenance solution focuses on equipment records as their foundation. Equipment records anchor most maintenance tasks and activities. You need to capture different types of information about your assets along with how they are used, where they are located and whether they are in service.
Quick access to equipment information directly impacts your ability to provide effective mainten-ance. This reduces the potential for introducing equipment failures while performing maintenance and saves time searching for the proper information. Automatic printing of equipment-specific Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) procedures along with the work order helps mitigate the risk of personal injury.
The ability to view equipment assemblies, sub-assemblies, components and parts is important to maximizing asset performance and improving technician wrench time by eliminating time spent searching for parts.

Key Features of Equipment Maintenance

Create and manage multiple service schedules for each customer by location. Manage expiry and renewal for contracts with proactive alerts in Dashboards.

In the cloud and mobile

Access the routes anywhere, anytime, from any device. All applications are web-based, giving users with appropriate privileges unlimited access to the system from anywhere in the world.

Maintain all details of equipment and products installed at your customers’ facilities by make and model. Keep track of warranties, serial numbers, default vendors, sale date, and installation date for each component.

Master Contracts

Combine multiple contracts by customer for easy tracking. Manage SLA and other contract terms on master level. Track future promised rates for renwals.

Generate appointments automatically for all service contracts with equipment maintenance requirements. Easily determine if a service was provided for a particular component of a piece of target equipment, including warranty items.

Manage Preventive maintenance schedules

Define schedules for preventive maintenance service orders and associate them to recurring maintenance schedules or contracts.

Create templates for a predefined set of services. For example, create a template for the cleanup and calibrate combination for HVAC equipment.

Establish warranties specifying the specific items under warranty to avoid confusion, mischarges, and objections. Classes can be mixed on the same service order, for instance, a two-year warranty on parts and a one-year warranty on labor.

Track warranty classes by models of equipment to prevent needless customer invoicing of parts and labor when the work is covered under warranty.

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