Order Tracking

Route Dispatching

Route Settlement

Route Planning for Scheduling & Dispatching

Enhances and extends Acumatica standard distribution functionality.
  • Plan shipments based on critical parameters such as warehouse, delivery type, delivery route, and SKU storage classification
  • Check which SKU(s) planned to be delivered are out of stock and take necessary actions more efficiently
  • Organize shipments by delivery loads and assign loads to drivers and delivery vehicles
  • Use wave, individual and weighted picks of stock items organised by delivery loads to load delivery vehicles quicker and more efficiently
  • Perform daily stock reconciliation by driver and delivery vehicle ensuring all non-deliveries and/or returns are captured on the system
  • Re-ship orders not delivered by reassigning partial or full shipment to another day and/or driver without recreating all required documents from scratch
  • Manage returns more efficiently by capturing reason codes for each return, auto generating necessary documents, and allocating resulting credit memos to the original invoices
  • Track delivery vehicle inventory with start-of-day quantities and end-of-day reconciliation

Comprehensive Route Accounting

Enhances and extends Acumatica standard accounts receivable functionality.
  • Manage driver payments more efficiently, capturing driver, cash register, cashier and payment collected details, auto generating necessary payment documents in bulk
  • Manage returns more efficiently, capturing reason codes for each return, auto generating necessary documents, and allocating resulting credit memos to the original invoices
  • Perform end-of-day payment reconciliation for route, vehicle sales, and non-route payments, organized by cashier, cash register and cash office
  • Bulk email credit memos generated through the reconciliation process
  • Manage daily bank deposits more efficiently, transferring both cash and checks collected from one central processing screen
  • Leverage customer information through powerful central views combining customer’s diverse documents generated through the different modules within the application
  • Track fixed assets (goods) delivered and returned to/from customers
  • Manage annual customer rebates and customer loans
  • Keep track of sales by Salesperson at line level, which information is used to calculate Salesperson commission

Management & Visibility

Enhances and extends Acumatica standard application functionality.
  • Extend management of SKUs through enhanced stock item characteristics, additional attributes, additional UOMs and additional characteristics descriptions
  • Configure all aspects of sales route schedules detailed by customer and day of the week
  • Configure the delivery fleet considering temperature-controlled characteristics
  • Configure delivery route schedules and link customers to one or more delivery schedules
  • Make use of 50+ new generic inquiries used for DSD planning & route accounting
  • Make use of 5 new dashboards to better manage DSD planning & route accounting
  • Use ready built import scenarios addressing reference data upload required to configure DSD planning & route accounting
  • Eliminate paper handling with automated document related functionality such as Invoice scanning/archiving and mass email of invoices/credit memos generated through the reconciliation process

Data Analytics

Enrich standard Acumatica pre-configured analytics
  • Visibility on all sales history, traceable by salesperson, delivery person and settlement cashier
  • Monitor important KPIs in one glance with user defined dashboards
  • Gain insight into route performance by viewing customer orders vs. customer deliveries
  • Gain greater control over damage and credit management by easily identifying customer credits by reason code at the customer, product, and route level
  • Evaluate sales and profitability by multiple business tiers including company-level, sales zones, sales routes, customer category or by the team/individual level including sales managers, sales personnel, routes, and delivery drivers
  • Provide sales information at the product level, segmented by class, category & sub-category, brand & sub-brand, and SKU
  • Receive notifications of business situations that have deviated from the norm and require immediate attention based on a defined management by exception criteria