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Our solutions are customisable to meet every business needs.

Secure, Reliable, Available

Highly resilient with multi-layered security and built-in redundancy. Service up time - 99.7%

Hosted Locally In Malaysia

We ensure compliance with data sovereignty laws.

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CS Cloud

As Cloud Solutions and Cloud adaptations are becoming integral to managing business and day to day operations in current times, we at CS Cloud Sdn Bhd are proud to introduce our very own cloud computing platform which offers private or hybrid cloud deployments, enabling you to work without boundaries and scale your agencies to meet current and future needs.

Our Data Centre

Gross Floor Area
400,000 sqft 80%
Capacity (whitespace in sqft)
90,000 sqft 60%
Office Capacity (whitespace in sqft)
20,000 sqft 40%
Target Design PUE
1.8 20%


  • 2N configuration to protect critical IT load
  • Dual power feeds from 2 separate upstream utility substations and dual main switching station at site
  • Continuous rated diesel generators
  • 48 hours on-site standby diesel fuel


Klang Valley Data Centre, Cyberjaya, Malaysia;
  • Located in Malaysia‚Äôs Multimedia Super Corridor
  • 30 minutes to Kuala Lumpur CBD
  • 30 minutes to Kuala Lumpur International Airport
  • (KLIA and KLIA2)


  • Physical: Secure reinforced concrete perimeter fence; anti crash vehicle barrier
  • 24x7 security officers
  • Electronic: 24x7 CCTV recordings; access control with multifactor authentication: biometric scanner.
  • 9 layers of physical security pass required before gaining access to hosted computer and equipment

Cooling System

  • Concurrently maintainable cooling system
  • N+2 CRAC system with built-in maintenance corridor
  • N+1 high efficienct chiller system


Uptime Institute Tier III Constructed Facility

TIA - 942 (Rated 3)

Green Building Index (GBI) Certified

PCI DSS Compliant

PCI DSS Compliant