Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system has become an integral part of managing all levels of businesses and industry verticals. It supports core business operations, including accounting, project management, inventory management, compliance, procurement, and supply chain. However, you will be overwhelmed with a plethora of ERP choices in the software market, and choosing the best among […]

Project accounting plays a significant role in maintaining budget control and resources, generating accurate billing, and ensuring the profitability of all projects. It’s a huge necessity for project-centric industries like construction as it requires a comprehensive solution to get cost estimates, manage resources and time, and ensure productivity. Still, many contractors aren’t using project accounting […]

It’s no surprise that innovation, evolution, and being technologically advanced has become more than a necessity in the manufacturing sector. From mass production lines to the use of robotics and automation capabilities, the manufacturing industry is changing at a fast pace and today we stand on the edge of the next phase of growth that […]