2020 has been a difficult year for everyone, while some companies successfully evolved, some have faced serious repercussions and having a hard time winning a survival battle. Many businesses learned to implement and adopt the latest techniques during this period of change to unveil proven ways to operate, reduce cost, and nurture.

Your business may have gone through several challenges associated with technology, a new hybrid work environment, and increasing customer demands. Clearly, the changes can’t stop coming, and thereby, you need to prepare yourself for product innovation and technological advancement to meet customer expectations and thrive.

This post will outline trends that will dominate the business environment in the coming years and how ERP systems can help you plan better for the new norms. Let’s get started!

Why Choose Acumatica ERP Software?


Trends that Impact Businesses in 2021 and Beyond

Remote and New Hybrid Workplace are here to stay

COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing measures continue to force businesses to accept the remote working system. Businesses will need an advanced set of tools to maintain remote leadership, HR processes, internal communications, team collaboration, and productivity. 

From a technical point of view, you require a scalable business management solution to overcome the drawbacks of on-premises solutions because it is expensive to maintain and hinder flexibility. Therefore, implementing the right cloud-based ERP system could be your best bet to master the scenario of remote working and overall strategic management.

A Shift in Customer Demands

The goal of every business is to gain seamless experience across the web, mobile, and other devices that fulfil customers’ expectations. Many businesses have started to realise the advantage of technology to support new business requirements for today and in the future. 

Companies can depend on an ERP system to stay connected with distributed employees, IT staff, and other areas to respond well to rapidly changing customer needs.

Cloud-Focused Operations Become the Norm

COVID-19 outbreak has exposed companies to several vulnerabilities and increased the need for scalable, secure, and cloud-based technology for both customers and back-office processes. Security, financial and operational efficiency are major concerns to focus on to make the best ERP selection.

Acumatica is one such cohesive, cloud-based system fully integrated with best-in-class functionality that supports inventory management, sales, finances, production, distribution, and other business processes.

Acumatica Cloud ERP Demo

How Cloud ERP System can Embrace the New Way of Work?

Working remotely is beneficial for both businesses and employees as it increases flexibility, job satisfaction, staff retention, and reduce operating costs. Acumatica cloud ERP system is a fully integrated business management solution designed to simplify evolution into a remote-based organisation in times of uncertainty. It works on a seamless user interface to provide easy access to third-party applications, flexibility, and scalability that continue to drive efficiency during the pandemic and beyond.

It comes with a modern set of tools, modules, and features your business requires to enhance the new way of operating. The mobile access and insight to your workflows are available anywhere at any time, which means your organisation will experience undisruptive connection and easy collaboration as you work smart to meet customers’ changing needs.

It’s time to reap the benefits of this cloud-based system to reduce upfront costs, gain a competitive edge, and make your business future-ready.
Final Thoughts

It is necessary to keep up with trends for 2021 and beyond and follow those actionable insights to maintain operational efficiency in your organisation. In the light of COVID-19 and the wave of change in the business environment, companies should consider implementing cloud-based ERP systems like Acumatica to stay on top of productivity, innovation, and growth.