Why Acumatica Cloud ERP Solution for Manufacturing?

Acumatica Manufacturing ERP software for manufacturing company can be combined with your distribution, CRM modules, financial reporting, budgeting, sales orders, production, purchasing, and other business activities that can help plan and manage manufacturing operations seamlessly. It takes every facet like estimation, material, labour, and other expenses into consideration to effectively support all business areas.

It provides real-time access to information across all departments, anytime, anywhere that retains continuity and business resilience. Manufacturing firms can generate accurate pricing charts, estimates, and evaluate overall costs with an industry-specific ERP solution for efficient demand and supply planning. It is best suited for all manufacturing industries like automotive, food and beverage, industrial machinery, electronics, and many more.

Benefits of Manufacturing ERP System for Your Business

Acumatica manufacturing ERP software comes with a full suite of Manufacturing Editions, including distribution management, CRM, project management, and financial management. You can have real-time information on all business processes, within a single database, allowing you to make better-informed decisions, from anywhere at any time which reduces delays and ultimately, increases productivity.

Our Acumatica Cloud ERP system comes with best-in-class functionality, superior usability, and automation capabilities that adapt to your business environment as it grows and evolves.

You can have complete control over sales, orders, change notice while keeping up with the request and approvals, ensuring to streamline business processes at every step of the way.

Our manufacturing ERP software gives access to real-time insights that helps you predict demand on the basis of its effectiveness and expenses, with a full suite of innovative modules. It supports MRP and APS which makes monitoring of material requirements and production schedules seamless.

You can compare standard and estimated production costs to actual costs of production with our ERP system for manufacturing industry, making product management, and tracking easier than ever.

Manufacturing Management Applications

Bill of Materials and Routing

Create, manage, and control products and manufacturing processes with a centralized BOM/routing module.

Production Management

Manage production orders, manufacturing scheduling, production performance to respond to production demand with clarity...

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

Create purchasing plans to synchronise material requirements with production schedules.

Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Meet customer expectations by managing leads, opportunities, timely supplies, and customer accounts.

Manufacturing Data Collection (MDC)

Scan barcodes of products to receive data of resources and material from the shop floor.

Engineering Change Control (ECC)

Handle version capabilities and updates to bills of material (BOM)/routing to increase effectiveness.


Make timely estimations for new & existing materials. Turn the data into BOM, production orders, & other evaluations.

Product Configurator

Optimise, integrate, and automate your manufacturing operations with product models and configuration.

Advanced Inventory

Analyse historical data to define seasonal patterns, & control inventory across with real-time coordination.

Order Management

Manage sales orders, purchase orders, and automate order fulfilment for enhanced customer satisfaction.

Purchase Order Management

Remove delays, cut costs, improve client relationships with automated functionality.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Manage inventory, resources, distribution process across with WMS module.

Service Management

Respond to fast-changing customer demand with the right resources, service, and product variety.

Project Accounting

Manage change orders, budgeting, and profitability for external and internal projects.

Advanced Financials

A full suite of accounting functions that helps to generate timely financial statements.

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