Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system has come a long way since its inception and users can experience the flexibility and adaptability better than ever before, all thanks to advanced cloud technology and powerful features like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning. In order to become a market leader, companies need an ERP solution that is versatile enough to adapt to frequent changes and market demands, without cost or operational overhead.

Change is necessary for all, including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that are linked with new technology, emerging competition, a shift in compliance regulations, and much more. The vision of agility can only bring to reality with a modern cloud-based ERP system and ERP deployment flexibility.

The Struggle with Traditional ERP Solutions
With legacy or traditional ERP systems, there is an endless process of raising a request to the IT team, waiting to be acknowledged, and getting it implemented. This may seem productive for your team in the first place but you may realise sooner or later that things aren’t going to work this way. This outdated process could be time-consuming. If you have a more flexible ERP solution, you could automate tasks and implement them seamlessly.

The Scenario with Flexible ERP Deployment
You might have understood by now that cloud ERP software is the best way to go. But the question is, which cloud-based ERP solution you should pick? As you start comparing, you must include ERP deployment flexibility such as Acumatica Cloud ERP, a system which has gone a long road to provide flexible deployment options as to be the right of customers.

To cut down on several hassles, business owners should consider an advanced range of tools, plugins, and apps integrated into ERP software to meet their precise requirements for today and in the future. With flexible ERP platform configuration, there is no programming expertise needed and thus, no chance of damaging the system. Operations that would have taken so long to code in a legacy system, take much less time with scalable and powerful tools for a consistent flow of information.

You should embrace the advantages of a cloud ERP solution, that includes:

  • A comprehensive view of business activities, from anywhere at any time, ideal for a remote workforce, mobile workforce, telework, and long-distance team collaboration
  • Eradication of repetitive tasks
  • Streamlined integrations between application for a more connected business environment
  • Easy customisations, without the need for IT team
  • Access to useful information in real-time within all departments across the organisation
  • A single source of the truth
  • Reduces upfront costs
  • Accurate and timely updates
  • Power to compete with large-scale companies
  • And many more

Why ERP Deployment Flexibility is Essential?
If you’re involved in a highly regulated industry like healthcare, you may need to move from a private cloud to a public cloud deployment option or vice versa. But if your current provider doesn’t offer a flexible deployment option, you might be struggling, stuck badly, or paying a huge amount for a fix.

Altering how you deploy your cloud ERP system could be rewarding and having deployment options for your needs is the most affordable and less painful way to manage frequent fluctuations in the market. Acumatica Cloud ERP is a modern and fully integrated solution where you will be able to use the deployment option you want and perform functions more seamlessly without penalty. It is an agile and inexpensive option, providing you with the potential to deploy, switch to a reliable platform when you need it, and never incur a fee for implementing this.

Achieve ERP Deployment Flexibility for Your Business
Every business may go through a period of fast and systemic technological disruption at some point in time. With advanced solutions, ranging from AI to customisation options, organisations require ERP deployment flexibility to consistently adapt and adjust to changes.

The Acumatica ERP software is the best way to fuel your business growth, ensuring reliable and comprehensive user licensing, cloud ERP implementation with no hidden charges and help protect businesses against deceitful vendor practices. This way technology will work at their best and employees are empowered to perform at an optimum level.