Technology is amplifying the area of service technicians and turning field service management into a more decentralised and customer-centric operations. Since speed, convenience, and support are becoming a crucial part to meet expectations, organisations should take the increasing need for a technologically engaged client base and employees more seriously.

How to keep your business up and running? Which solution is worth the investment? Instead of choosing a standalone field service management system for specific tasks, it is better to consider a unified approach to bringing all the essential tools you need in one place. A modern Acumatica ERP system integrated with field service modules could be a feasible choice to streamline your business processes, future-proof your investments, and boost ROI.

Why Choose ERP System with Built-in Field Service Modules?
Response time and customer engagement are constantly driving development in field service management and all units need to be competitive at every stage to achieve efficiency. Companies looking to streamline their asset management, inventory, payroll, and invoicing solution should rely on a scalable cloud-based ERP system with intuitive modules rather than a standalone system. This can help connect your back-end management functions to field workflows in real-time coordination and act on scenarios as they develop.

Acumatica Field Service Edition effectively supports sales, CRM, inventory, manufacturing, accounting, purchasing, and financial reporting. With a comprehensive view of customer activities, you will see a significant difference in customer experience, revenues, and overall growth.

How Acumatica Field Service Edition’s Native features  Provides Seamless Experience?
In case you are still unsure whether or not the adoption of Acumatica Field Service Edition is a viable choice, here are some benefits that will probably help you make the best decision:

  1. When United, Field Service Management and ERP system Enhance Workflows
    By integrating ERP with field service modules, all the tools and methodologies pay for itself in a short span in terms of return on investment, customer satisfaction, and expansion. When necessary tools are united within a single database, you can manage workflows, track projects or costs, and review customer interactions seamlessly.
  2. Extends Effectiveness of ERP Software
    When a field service solution is included within your ERP system, you will obtain a centralised solution to access data and insights in real-time. All the business management applications are web-based and accessible from any smart device, from any location at any time which allows the field workforce to perform operations under any conditions.
  3. Best-in-class Functionality and Ease of Use
    Acumatica ERP solution comes with unlimited user licensing and enhanced security that gives the entire field service staff 24/7 access to business tools and functions they require to remain efficient. With service management tools, you can simplify dispatching by assigning tasks to the right people and attain real-time information regarding activities taking place within the field.
  4. A Single Source of the Truth
    An integrated cloud ERP system can help streamline every facet of your business, including inventory, CRM, project accounting, job costing, scheduling, dispatching, and so on. When each of these operations is handled from a single platform, you have a good shot at business success.

Field Service Management Software Integrated with ERP – Taking Your Business to New Heights
Many field service organisations are exploring that they need a fully integrated solution to manage all business needs. And that’s why they are switching from a standalone field service management system to an integrated ERP system to become successful.

Acumatica Field Service Edition includes several customisable and ERP features such as accounting and general ledger, purchase orders, inventory management, customer data, invoicing, and user-defined fields. It allows office staff and technicians to stay connected with each other and access the relevant information in real-time.