With the increasing demand for enterprise management solutions, it seems quite logical that you would own your ERP data. However, some companies are inclined towards cloud ERP vendors and in most cases, vendors own the data rather than you and your company. Isn’t it unfair?

It is surprising to come across that your vendors’ SaaS End-User License Agreement (EULA) that provides you with the right to access their software doesn’t certainly give you ownership of your ERP data. Well, this is never a matter of concern with Acumatica ERP system. Users can simply take a data snapshot and save it in an imported database format, after all, it is their data.

In this guide, we will discuss consequences that may fall if you don’t own your data and how Acumatica ERP ensures your complete data ownership from start to finish. Without further ado, let’s get started!

What happens if You’re Lacking Data Ownership?

  • Lack of Privacy
    As the data you store into your ERP system is obviously yours, it is easy to assume that you have ownership as well. But this is where you should carefully read the fine print because this isn’t the scenario, more often. A vendors’ End-User License Agreement (EULA) only gives the right to use their system but usually doesn’t offer data ownership.

    In fact, the case is just the opposite. Since the software vendor owns the data, they also have access to your data which they can use, read, and even harm the confidentiality of your private data.

  • Difficult to Access Your Data
    For instance, if you don’t own your data, it could become even more complicated to access it. This can adversely affect your company’s formation and decision-making process. A bigger challenge can occur if you decide to change vendors as they won’t let you go that easily. They can convince you to return your data even when it is an unusable format, inaccurate, temporarily ‘losing’ data, or hacked.

How Acumatica ERP Gives Complete Data Ownership to Customers?
Things in the case of data ownership work quite differently with Acumatica ERP. The company believes you should own what’s ethically yours. Using this system never means they have ownership of your data. Your data is owned by you and your company right from the beginning, written in Acumatica’s Bill of Rights.

As we have discussed above, Acumatica ERP users can take a data snapshot and save it locally in an imported database format. This means you can have easy and quick access to your data and you don’t need to depend on vendors or someone else to attain access to the information you need.

Another issue that needs to be addressed is your customers’ data. For instance, in the era of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), do you know who owns the right to your customers’ data? Well, some vendors might be gathering and using your combined data without your permission or knowledge for their own benefit. But again, it has never been a concern for Acumatica ERP users.

Acumatica Cloud ERP System – Own Your Data, Access it Anywhere at Anytime
Every organisation wants an easily customised and seamless solution that can be integrated with third-party applications and has data-analysis capabilities for the faster decision-making process. At Netsense, we offer the Acumatica ERP system that allows you to own and access your data anytime. You will be given complete ownership and power over your data right from the start. We understand that quick access to the company’s information is essential to make better-informed decisions and create a well-connected business.

Feel free to reach out to us today to know more about the data ownership rights of Acumatica ERP customers and to schedule a free demonstration with our experts to see its superior usability and best-in-class functionality in action. We’d love to give you valuable assistance and support.