Are your business and team members struggling to adjust to the new normal at the present COVID-19 pandemic hit? Or, are you facing many challenges from economic, upheaval, financial instability, and other events? Well, it isn’t easy to keep your virtual door open during tough times. In such cases, businesses need to re-think their financial and asset management, make changes to their supply chain, and redefine their overall strategy.

While most companies still rely on video conferencing platforms, that being said, Cloud ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is way more than this, extending businesses beyond the brick and mortar. In a crisis, ERP software plays a significant role in sustaining business continuity. When it comes to unexpected disaster recovery and planning across different industries, ERP integration will offer the right infrastructure that benefits now and prepare you for whatever the future holds.

Let’s take an in-depth look at ERP capabilities that prove to be effective for organisations that don’t know how to maintain business continuity during sudden disasters.

How Cloud ERP Works Beyond the Four Walls of the Brick and Mortar?
When the unprecedented coronavirus outbreak first hit, many companies were striving to figure out how to maintain operational productivity in a virtual space while keeping the safety of employees in check. The next concern was to ensure team members could work remotely and the biggest question was, “How do companies align 2,000 people work remotely and make sure they can be efficient at the same time?”

This has increased the people’s level of interest in the Cloud ERP system because of ‘accessible anywhere’ functionality, improves operational and financial productivity, regardless of industry, size, location, and operational method. Cloud-based ERP technology powers businesses globally, allowing them to run smoothly from anywhere, anytime. During tough times, companies are still serving clients and customers with efficiency, agility, and functionality right from the comfort of their homes.

Proven ERP Strategies for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
Whether the economy is rising or falling, there is no wrong time to implement an ERP solution as it assures business continuity in the scenario of a crisis. Businesses require a powerful platform for financial management, production runs, distribution, sales, inventory management, and more. This way, when disaster hits, you won’t be left unprepared instead, you will be evaluating assets and shaping a solid plan to cope up with the disaster.

Cloud-based ERP acts as a fundamental seed that not only just focuses on survival but also serves the aim of organisations’ growth. It emphasises on making valuable decisions, such as:

  • How do you structure your data across all departments?
  • What type of reports and analysis do you really need to streamline business processes?
  • What kind of analytics can help you to make better-informed decisions?

It is extremely important to analyse your current market situation, see what’s happening with prospects and consumers, and make sure you have the right software like ERP in place so you won’t get stuck in the middle of a crisis.

How Acumatica and Netsense are Helping Businesses to Maintain Business Continuity?
At Netsense, we are working tirelessly to harness the power of the cloud, scalable technology, and cohesive to bring a powerful Acumatica ERP system to the table that drives operational efficiency, no matter wherever you go. It has the ability to streamline business processes, reduce risks, automate workflows, with a full-fledged Cloud ERP system. It will help all sizes and types of businesses to access vital information in real-time safely from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

This advanced solution allows the workforce to work from anywhere and maintain business continuity during any crisis because they can run anything smoothly in the cloud. Acumatica ERP is all based on flexibility and growth, uses development languages, and standard web technologies to meet business needs. If you’re looking for a cloud-based solution to manage all facets of your business, you can never go wrong with our Acumatica ERP software.

For any further queries or if you’d like to schedule a demonstration, connect with our experts today. The event of a crisis will ultimately come to an end, but you always need a well-connected team to reach your goals. Let us take your business to its next stage of growth with our one-in-all ERP solution.