The current COVID-19 crisis has led to economic impacts, health risks, and social implications. While larger organisations have laid the operations to a remote workforce and moved to a cloud-based ERP system to expand wisely, this isn’t always the scenario for small businesses. Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) are still perplexed about how to get their workforce back to work with the stable operating model to thrive.

Recently, Acumatica announced an opportunity to gain a competitive edge with a new FastTrack Deployment solution that can Go Live in 90 days or less. By rapid ERP deployment timeline, you can experience productivity, high customer satisfaction, and lower cost of entry in minimum time.

You might be asking yourself, ‘why would you speed up an ERP deployment?’ Or ‘wouldn’t this make the implementation more expensive and risky?’ To get started, we first want to clear your doubts to help you make a better-informed decision.

How does FastTrack Deployment Work in Acumatica ERP?
Traditional cloud ERP implementations start with the Discovery phase, which basically involves business needs, vision, and scope of the project. The next steps are Analyse, Build, Stabilise, with consistent Planning & Monitor. Every stage demands time and effort which varies depending on the difficulty of business’ needs, workflows, and processes. This isn’t rare or could be a problem for several organisations, thereby, FastTrack deployment is considered a viable choice.

The Acumatica’s FastTrack Deployment follows an in-the-box (ITB) approach with the best practices-based templates and configuration checklists. It also utilises data migration tools to simplify data transmission. The framework is comprised of Initiation (Discovery and SOW), Adapt (Analyse, Design, Build, and Stabilise), and Deploy (Go Live and Post Go-Live). The final stage is Sustain, which consists of consistent improvement and receiving customers’ feedback.

The pre-defined, core business deployment is available for General Business, Distribution, and Construction Editions at the present, which gets you into the Acumatica cloud ERP system within 90 days or less. It allows you to work within a structured timeline until you went live and accomplished what you’ve set yourself for throughout the implementation process.

How Beneficial is Acumatica FastTrack Deployment for Your Organisation?

  1. Rapidly Achieve Productivity
    In-the-box (ITB) approach is a unique aspect about this solution as it enables us to roll out critical capabilities in incremental stages based on precise business needs. Since rollout is accomplished faster and directly connects to pressing needs, user adoption is swift and minimise the learning curve.

  2. Declined Cost to Entry
    Since FastTrack Deployment uses pre-configured content and a repetitive framework for faster achievements, you can get rid of the long traditional cloud ERP implementation process.

  3. Industry-Specific Solutions
    The best part about the FastTrack deployment solution is Vertical Editions, which are expanding to accommodate more industries very soon. The potential to harness that vast knowledge base provides this all-inclusive solution a more powerful punch.

  4. Increased Return on Investment
    With pre-configured content and the option to begin with what you actually need while you scale and grow, businesses can take complete advantage of best-in-class features. The workforce will gain access to information and dashboard, from anywhere at any time which means spending less time in creating reports and spreadsheets and drive better ROI.

How Netsense can Help You with Acumatica FastTrack Deployment?
Go-Live in 90 days or less by leveraging methodologies and tools can keep you up and run smoothly and efficiently at low risk and cost. FastTrack involves pre-configured content that simplifies deployment while accelerating user adoption.

Now you shouldn’t be concerned about stressful, time-consuming, and expensive ERP deployment. With Acumatica FastTrack Deployment, you can get started in the easiest way and save a lot of time and money. We offer an all-in-one Acumatica ERP solution which allows you to rapidly pivot your business and prosper.

At Netsense, we can help you to accelerate your business with the automated process, timely data collection, financial analyses, and forecasting for insightful decision making. If you’re interested in discussing further how it can grow your business and would like to see a demonstration of Acumatica ERP, contact us today.