With the fierce competition in the market, cement manufacturing firms are now focusing on using their fixed assets to produce optimum production outcomes. There is a wide spectrum of automation tools and technologies designed to help SMEs work efficiently. But none of them reaches their full potential unless they are incorporated with effective planning, forecasting, and scheduling processes.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is the need of an hour to manage businesses, functions, and data with one centralised solution. Some may have a misconception that ERP is best suited for large-scale companies due to the high cost of ownership, subsequent maintenance cost, and complex implementation. However, over time, with mobile and cloud technology becoming simpler, SMEs can bring themselves closer to reality and take a step ahead for ultimate success.

The successful ERP implementation will allow cement slab manufacturers to maximise capacity utilisation, reduce operational cost, and achieve a greater level of operational efficiency. Before you start to utilise the ERP system in the cement industry, we will show you how to implement one and how it can help refine your goals.

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Challenges Faced By Cement Slab Manufacturers
Consistent development in environmental protection needs a high level of transparency to access information across the production chain. You might have clearly noticed a lack of communication, project delays, and inaccuracy among departments. This might happens due to the obsolete system exists which is slowing down the business processes.

The cement industry requires tight control over workflows to ensure hassle-free supply chain and inventory management in a timely manner, from raw material procurement to shipping. Additionally, manufacturers rely on scheduled maintenance and preventive practices to ensure better functionality and downtime to a minimum.

To solve these problems, you can integrate ERP solutions like Acumatica ERP system to obtain real-time information of the cement trade from production to purchase, resulting in productivity, optimum ROI, and lower operational costs, thereby, helping manufacturers gain a competitive advantage. Acumatica ERP being built on advanced cloud technology, you will be assured of knowing that it will leverage your processes with unmatched benefits.

Perks of Successful ERP Implementation for Cement Slab Manufacturers
In a rapidly evolving market, it is vital to have a fully integrated ERP software solution that will evaluate efficiency, reduce costs, and boost sales. Also, it will help you make a more informed, strategic, and rational decision by offering transparent and control functionality inherent within a single database.

If you’re considering ERP software to boost your manufacturing firm’s growth, here are a few benefits you should know:

• Automate, Manage, and Simplify Business Processes
A scalable ERP system will improve business’ performance by streamlining and organising processes. All data is accessible in real-time in one centralised location which brings clarity, better insights, and quick decision-making. This can also eliminate manual tasks which can significantly mitigate human errors, data duplication, and associated costs.

An employee can track and handle production activities from anywhere, anytime, without depending on the entire team. From production to materials, ordering, costs, and more, the workforce can track everything seamlessly that boost efficacy and enable businesses to meet commitments.

• Manage Supply Chain
A comprehensive view of the supply chain is essential to prevent production interruptions and potential miscalculations. ERP system allows companies to:
 Track costs, budgeting, price fluctuations, and accounting
 Automate inventory control and restocking
 Obtain a 360-degree view of business activities
 Establish powerful HR modules and manage workforce
 Manage order materials, components, and optimise delivery times
 Recognise lags or errors in problematic areas
 Work within multiple segments and gain a wider picture of processes

• Control Business End-to-End
ERP solutions can help businesses meet their deadlines and customer requirements with accurate and precise control over inventory, production, ordering, and scheduling processes. Customers can track information, including status reports, quotes, pricing, and product deliveries that improves efficiency for both business and customers.

The BI tools across the board within an ERP solution allow you to schedule and oversee workflow, resulting in fewer errors, fast decision-making, and better execution of business processes.

• Reduce Costs and Enhance Your Bottom Line
ERP system reduces manual operations and time-consuming processes that often create delays and discrepancies in reporting. It provides fully integrated, compliant, and stock handling to ensure finance and inventory management. It can help overcome complex cases in the organisation to create order accuracy, on-time delivery, quality, and pricing.

6 Steps to Create the ERP Strategy
Manufacturers need the right ERP software to stay ahead of the curve and bring more value to their business. Learn the six steps on creating a solid ERP strategy, here’s what we recommend:

  1. Identify and address installation issues
  2. Establish a budget
  3. Plan for integration
  4. Set a change management plan
  5. Conduct a risk assessment
  6. Create an ERP roadmap

ERP software can take your business on the right path to success. But don’t forget, everything starts with research and planning to define clear goals and milestones with sufficient resources.

Selecting the Right ERP Software is Key to Improve Functional Efficiency
Acumatica Cloud ERP system is a highly customisable and innovative application for small and mid-sized companies, offering all the modules businesses need such as finance, distribution, CRM, project accounting, and more. With multiple benefits like increased visibility into insights, timely financial statements, better reporting, and more, businesses can operate more intelligently and efficiently.

Do these perks seem practical for your business? If yes, you shouldn’t miss any opportunity to reap these rewards and set up modern ERP software for better flexibility and efficiency. It also utilises the Acumatica Cloud xRP platform and core applications to deliver project accounting, change orders, compliance management, job costing, and document management.

When you combine application suites and features like project and cost management with cement slab manufacturers and other industry capabilities, you can significantly lower the cost of operating a business, thereby, allowing you to plan for a brighter future.

At Netsense, we work with clients towards the end and help them implement robust Acumatica ERP solution which could handle their business processes and functions. If your goal is to run a business efficiently, then you can deeply involve our team to adopt the ERP system using the best industry practices to accomplish enormous benefits as a whole.