We live in a new era where companies need to be flexible, well-connected, and agile to accomplish ultimate success. You can manage and monitor business processes and customer relations with the Acumatica cloud ERP system with its cross-module workflow capabilities. The advanced Workflow Editor delivered in Acumatica 2020R1 can perform all tasks with new customisations in the workflow editor.

Organisations don’t need to rely on tedious, scattered spreadsheets, and manual status transitions anymore. With all-new Acumatica 2020R1, you can handle workflow as per precise business rules to transition the document from one position to another. You can simply modify the status of actions, place actions in the main toolbar to support users with what they should do further. You can also create multiple actions to change statuses without writing any code and changing other fields after the transition is finished.

Capabilities of Workflow Editor in Acumatica 2020R1
Acumatica’s 2020R1 is released with enhanced usability, best-in-class functionality, powerful new modules, has enriched cross-connected workflows, and offers additional codeless customisation capabilities. The user experience has significantly improved in the new release which allows running the entire business in one system more effectively.

Cross-module workflow in cloud ERP can streamline the flow of information across all departments within the organisation, from anywhere at any time. The pain of not being able to accumulate useful information in real-time is eliminated, which drives flexibility, agility, and productivity.

For instance, organisations who are using standalone systems rather can the ERP system may witness a slowdown in their processes and are restricted to cross-selling. This complete ERP solution can minimise the complexity of operations and offer quality service to the customers. The order placements will automatically reflect in the inventory and replenishment workflow notes the low inventory to ensure the availability of inventory for future orders.

It has begun to take its place across all industries, including e-commerce, manufacturing, construction, supply chain, healthcare, and so on.

How Acumatica ERP Can Help Companies Drive Efficiencies and Resilience?
Whatever the kind of business you’re engaged in, at the end of the day, your success hinges on how well you are connected with customers and their overall experience. If you are trying hard to drive productivity with multiple systems but teams still aren’t connected with each other, you definitely need full-fledged cloud-based Acumatica ERP solution.

This platform is built with connected modules to facilitate construction, distribution, field service, manufacturing, and general. Every engagement with the consumer, new opportunities, placed orders, renewals, and inventory status can be created in the support system under one database. All modules use the same database, have the same appearance, and allow users to access information at anytime from anywhere through one single solution.

Key Features of Workflow Editor in Acumatica 2020R1

  • Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to simplify experience
  • Enhance performance with new dashboard caching settings
  • Access to data entry screens faster with a quick add button
  • Monitor production and costs with native shop floor data collection
  • Advanced planning features to predict future scenarios
  • Handle complex construction projects with improved project management tools
  • Simplify project balance reconciliation
  • Track project development with improved daily field reports
  • Develop reports, modify workflows, and add user-defined fields
  • Automate business processes with new workflow engine for CRM
  • Improved lead qualification and contact management

How Netsense Can Help Improve Your Business Functionality?
It is a new world where success relies on vital data via cross-module workflow capabilities and monitoring customers’ leads and relations – something Acumatica ERP solution can help you do in the best possible manner. Many of the companies realised that Acumatica was the system they always wanted to use to expand their company wisely with no need to depend on anything else.

At Netsense, we offer an advanced Acumatica ERP system that can handle all your business processes within one system. You can schedule a free demonstration with us and see cloud-based ERP in action to make a rational decision. We assure you that you will be amazed to find world-class functionality and support in one system.

Feel free to reach out to us for further queries and assistance. We’d be glad to assist you!

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