Scattered spreadsheets are no longer a viable option for synchronising journal entries, creating transactions and reporting, especially when demands and requirements of businesses are growing immensely. Unification and automation capabilities are the two core aspects to add value to your business and this is where Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system never fails to impress. With […]

The advancement in the usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) within the enterprise system ecosystem has always created a buzz among industries across the world. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are showing excellence in optimising operational models and managing business operations with ease and accuracy. In fact, Gartner predictions reveal that by 2021, 80% of emerging […]

How Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) Can Supercharge Singaporean Companies During Recession? Now more than ever, companies that foster are the ones that have well-connected teams, powerful business strategies, think innovatively, adapt the latest technology and reach the audience globally. This is where Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) comes to the rescue, a program offered by Enterprise […]