Medical devices and equipment distributors face a plethora of challenges, including rapidly evolving customer demands, changes in the supply chain, and complex product inventories. It is highly imperative to overcome these challenges and consolidate all aspects of business operations to boost efficiency and profitability. And this is where the Acumatica ERP system comes to the rescue, designed to fit distributors’ operational and financial needs.

Savvy business holders understand that it is crucial to adopt new processes and technologies to secure great opportunities and strengthen performance. Distribution companies should have a reliable ERP solution for inventory control, warehouse management, order fulfilment, sales, and purchasing.

The 2015 Aberdeen report emphasises the need to transform processes and invest in technology. It also unveils that:

  • The leaders are migrating from manual processes by investing in automation
  • The distribution businesses are utilising automation to obtain integrated workflows and collaboration.

Why Choose Acumatica ERP Software?


How does ERP System Respond to Challenges in Distribution Companies?

Medical device manufacturers and equipment distributors can only be successful when they start to focus on cloud ERP usability and flexibility. It is important to step into the direction of product innovation and technological advancements to meet marketplace changes. Distribution companies may face a multitude of challenges, such as:

  • Managing complicated product inventories
  • Tracking margins in the sphere of higher costs and reduced selling rates
  • Dealing with variations and changes within the global supply chain
  • Meeting fast-changing customer demands

Future-centric companies will strive to overcome these complications and move to an advanced ERP software that offers visibility across the organisation. The ultimate scalability, flexibility, and ease of use are what make Acumatica an all-in-one ERP solution to meet customer demands and requirements.

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Why Medical Devices and Equipment Distributors Should Choose Acumatica ERP?

With the consistent mid-market innovation, tight margins, and need for seasonal labour, modern distributors should choose an ERP solution carefully to position themselves for long-term success. Acumatica appears to be a feasible ERP solution that enables real-time collaboration and efficiency through information sharing for rational decision-making.

Key Features:

  • Fully integrated financials, inventory, purchasing, and sales management
  • Customer self-service portals
  • Sales and marketing automation
  • Warehouse management
  • Self-service business intelligence
  • Mobile functionality
  • Document-sharing
  • Pricing flexibility

Acumatica ERP has a lot to offer to wholesale distributors and medical device manufacturers with an impeccable range of features like BI tools, mobility, and shipping. The centralised data model and integrations allow easy access to business information, helping users to manage sales orders, workflows, and invoices seamlessly.

If you’re looking for a modern ERP solution, Acumatica could be the best choice for distribution companies to manage all facets and save you from hassle down the road.

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Acumatica ERP System – All-Inclusive Functionality for Medical Devices & Equipment Distribution Management

If you’re looking for a modern ERP solution, Acumatica could be the best choice for distribution companies to manage all facets and save you from hassle down the road. From scheduling to dispatching, medical equipment installations, and field service maintenance, it gives a comprehensive view of data and boosts technicians’ productivity when repairing, distributing, and maintaining medical equipment.

Here are the modules and business management applications you will enjoy in Acumatica ERP software:

Acumatica Field Service Module
Acumatica Field Service Management solution provides great functionality to manage all aspects of distribution for the medical devices field. It allows end-users to schedule an examination and further installation, repair, and service of medical equipment.

  • Monitor resource commitments, simplify processes and reduce response times
  • Seamless integration to inventory levels, project management, and purchasing
  • Gain better control of field service technicians’ activities with timely alerts, material, and resources
  • Enhance decision-making by using drill-down reports and dashboards

Equipment and Warranty Module
The equipment and warranty module extend the capabilities of service management to track the history of customer-owned and enterprise-owned medical devices. Every detail of equipment is recorded in the system itself and easily accessible to field service technicians that ensure product quality control.

  • Maintain information of equipment and warranty installed in different facilities based on make and model
  • Define schedules for maintenance service for contracts and approvals
  • Unlimited access to the system from anywhere, anytime from any web-enabled device

Case Management
Cases may appear in large varieties, involving maintenance, replacement, repair, and technical requirements. Acumatica case management solution offers a single database to track such cases via emails, task records, and other sources – everything with the single source of the truth.

  • A single version of the information is accessible to anyone at any time that improves collaboration
  • CRM integrated into ERP system to review customer interactions
  • Effective support in case creation, case processing, and case billing

Service Contracts
Acumatica Service Contract Management allows distributors to capture service needs to reduce the response time and cost between call receipt and job allocation.

  • Create and handle multiple service schedules to simplify all appointments through Schedule Calendar Board
  • Warranty management specifies which parts are under warranty to meet customer expectations promptly
  • Plan, generate and fine-tune appointments for resources and staff

Appointment Scheduling
This module allows you to gain a better understanding of how service orders and appointments are linked.

  • Service orders and appointment schedules are effectively shared throughout the field service module
  • Reopen appointment function in the entry screen for best results
  • Create appointments for each service order and specify the necessary information
  • Schedule dates and appointment time via Calendar Boards

As you can clearly see, Acumatica ERP has a lot to offer to wholesale distributors or medical device manufacturers with an impeccable range of features. The centralised data model and integrations allow easy access to business information, helping users to manage distribution, maintenance, and repair needs of medical equipment.