Acumatica Cloud ERP Software Version 2021 R1 Overview

Acumatica 2021 R1 Release information

Acumatica 2021 R1 Release: Loaded with New Features and Enhancements in Usability and Industry Editions

On February 18th, 2021, Acumatica, a leading ERP software company released 2021 R1, its new and powerful version of an advanced cloud ERP solution. In the event, the experts have presented the latest achievements and future-centric mindset in technology, design, and product development. You can watch this video to gain a better overview of the ERP product:

The recently launched 2021 R1 brings additional advancements across the Acumatica Cloud xRP platform, with superior usability, best-in-class functionality, and a flexible cloud platform. If you’re curious to know more about the new advances within the Acumatica ERP, don’t you worry; we have covered all the themes and details on the new features of 2021 R1. Let’s dive into it to learn more.

Overview of Acumatica Cloud ERP Software Version 2021 R1

Acumatica 2021 R1 has brought new advancements in design, features, and overall product functionality to empower businesses across different industries. The new features of 2021 R1 fall into three main categories, which are as follows:

Save Time with Superior Usability

With fully-featured and browser-enabled cloud ERP, Acumatica strives to create an unparalleled software market. The scalable user interface and flexible workflows allow Acumatica to stand out from the rest, especially in terms of usability.

In the latest 2021 R1 version, Acumatica presented all-inclusive mobile image recognition capabilities. Users can easily find external links from general inquiry results, which saves time and effort. The company also made improvements in the side panels with arranging and ordering capabilities. Users can now deliver exceptional work in less time.

Key features: (Usability Video)

  • Build CRM contacts with mobile image recognition for business cards automatically
  • Improve side panels with visibility and ordering
  • Easily find external URLs from general inquiry results
  • Deliver customer interactions through filtered general injury results

Gain a Competitive Edge with Best-in-Class Functionality
The system ensures to deliver powerful, industry-specific business functionality, ideal for Commerce, Distribution, Construction, Field Service, and Manufacturing areas. Users can enjoy best-in-class functionality within a single database. 2021 R1 delivers new features for all industry editions.

Key features for Financials and CRM: (Financial Video) (CRM Video) (Payroll Video)

  • Streamline operations with centralized vendor management
  • Improve CRM data quality with smart deduplication technology
  • Grow sales and streamline support by monitoring contacts on sales orders
  • Handle security by pay group, by branch, import time into payroll batches, and make hierarchies for workers’ compensation

Key features for Distribution & Commerce Companies: (Distribution Video) (Commerce Video)

  • Simplify cross-company sales with stock items and create purchase orders and sales orders automatically
  • Minimize collections by accumulating commerce order risk data
  • Enhance product offerings to target marketplace via drop-ship workflows
  • More control through granular sync options and custom commerce fields

Key features for Construction and Field Service Companies: (Construction Video) (Field Service Video)

  • Enhance usability through Procore integration enhancements
  • Provide data for peer comparisons with CFMA benchmark integration
  • Streamline cost tracking by linking AP bills to field service appointments
  • Enhance customer responsiveness through field service invoice correction

Key features for Manufacturing Companies: (Manufacturing Video)

  • Enhanced product lifecycle management capabilities via Arena integration
  • Create precise and timely delivery commitments to customers via APS capable-to-promise capabilities

Grow your Business with a Powerful, Flexible Cloud Platform

2021 R1 version continues to enhance their AI/ML capabilities with mobile image recognition for business cards. The platform offers a built-in KPI Meter within the dashboard, allowing users to set goals and track them seamlessly.

Key features for Platform: (Platform Video)

  • Utilize AI/ML-enabled mobile image recognition for business cards
  • Set goals and track KPIs at-a-glance through intuitive KPI meter on dashboards
  • Works well for Canadian markets alongside localization support such as the French-Canadian language
  • Evaluate application workflows across the Acumatica suite through the workflow engine

Acumatica 2021 R1 – Allowing Businesses to save time, Increase Productivity, and Grow Faster

You might have understood the new features and enhancements of Acumatica 2021 R1. Apart from this, Acumatica is coming up with a breakout session to give a detailed knowledge of their industry editions in the latest release, which will outline:

  • Construction Overview
  • Manufacturing Overview
  • Retail & Commerce Features Overview
  • Distribution Overview

Acumatica is all set with its reliable and rich-featured ERP solution to help businesses grow and plan wisely for future enhancements in the area of innovation and technology. If you have any further queries regarding the 2021 R1 release, feel free to get in touch with our experts. We’d be glad to assist you!