The COVID-19 pandemic has adversely affected and deteriorated our economic condition, with disconnected teams, less visibility into cash flow, and rapidly growing customer demands, many construction firms struggle to set a benchmark. To get through challenging times, companies should always look for innovative ways to boost their growth and fulfil project requirements. Well, you can […]

The manufacturing industry faces numerous challenges in its day-to-day functioning, ranging from inventory tracking to data management, inconvenient accounting, and sales management. Without proper synchronisation across all operations, manufacturers cannot effectively monitor fluctuations in demand, fierce competition, and supply chain. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced people to adopt a new way of living, thereby, companies […]

With consumers’ increased demand for a high level of visibility into product status throughout the transaction, companies couldn’t overlook a suitable data collection technology to determine what’s in stock, what’s being produced, what they need to re-consider. They can no longer rely on manual efforts or scattered spreadsheets to gain visibility into business insights, otherwise, […]

To thrive in a competitive and complex business environment, companies and leaders need to put a technologically advanced system in place that allows them to streamline, automate, and scale. From minute details to major change, one mistake could cut down the profits, strain customer and partner relationships, and ruin your company’s reputation. With every cloud […]

Property managers, property developers or real estate owners, be it commercial or residential faces several challenges in fabricating materials, managing complex projects, and keeping the workforce on the same page. The construction industry is booming significantly and one contributing element is indeed cloud-based technology. While the construction & Property development industry seems fast to use […]

There is no denying that the construction industry can face reduced productivity due to lack of collaboration, inefficient project planning and estimation, resistance to digitalisation, lack of transparency, and time overruns. With global competition and increasing administrative needs, contractors are pushing themselves to incorporate advanced business solutions to simplify complex projects and see a clear […]

Since the e-commerce market has been flourishing significantly, more and more businesses are making a shift from brick-and-mortar stores to online stores to embrace consumers’ shopping experience. Now more than ever, consumers are inclined towards convenience and purchase products online, thus, having a fully integrated solution is extremely important to manage unpredictable demands, offerings, and […]